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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Oil & Gas

Delivering a 2MW Solution to a Remote Location in Under 24 Hours

Oil and gas facilities require large amounts of power. They are also more likely than other types of facilities to be located in remote areas and experience extreme weather conditions. In emergency response terms, this is a recipe for potential disaster.

When it comes to responding to emergency outages at oil and gas sites, the Trinity team is well positioned to help our clients achieve the best case scenario, even under difficult circumstances. Our efficient and responsive 24/7/365 service, our unparalleled access to temporary power inventory across North America and our decades of experience in responding to emergencies all add up to fast, complete solutions.

A recent emergency outage at an Oil and Gas facility highlights our well-honed approach.


The Client: A Global Energy Group

Operating in over 50 countries, this group of high-performance companies focuses on producing and delivering energy responsibly and sustainably.

Offering upstream and downstream services, as well as oil and gas and clean energy solutions, this client is dedicated to being innovative and progressive.

Their core values of loyalty, integrity, professionalism and cohesiveness have allowed them to optimize the value they provide to their customers.


The Challenge: A Transformer Failure at a Remote Site

On a remote stretch of the Alaska Highway in Northern BC, one of our client’s oil and gas facilities experienced a potentially disastrous outage: their transformer failed, leaving the site without power, after-hours, in a difficult-to-access location.

In order to resume operations, they needed a temporary 2MW solution to power their motor control centre while they worked on a permanent fix. And to fuel 2MW of power, they needed a 25,000 litre fuel tank.

Locating and shipping such large equipment, especially so far afield, wouldn’t be an easy task. Luckily, one of the team members on site had worked with Trinity Power before, and knew who to call.


Our Approach: A 24-hour Turnaround

Using our Power Broker Model and decades of logistics experience, the Trinity team quickly located and mobilized the 2MW generator rental and fuel tank that our client required. Simultaneously, we kept a clear line of communication open with our client so that they knew exactly what was happening, and were able to prepare effectively for the equipment delivery.

Once the equipment was placed on site, Trinity’s complete fuel service ensured it would be able to start running right away – and keep running for as long as necessary.

The entire process, from first call to startup was completed in under 24 hours.


The Result: Peace of Mind and a Healthy Bottom Line

Trinity’s fluid and experienced approach to emergency response ensured our client had the temporary power they needed as quickly as possible, delivered with minimal hassle on their part. This allowed them not only to resume their operations quickly and minimize their losses, but also to turn their attention to locating replacement parts, free from the time pressure that accompanies an outage.