Top Tools For Electricians:

  1. Greenlee: Gator Insulated Battery-Powered Hydraulic Tools
  2. DeWALT: 20V MAX XR Wire Mesh Cable Tray Cutter
  3. DeWALT: Tool Connect Site Manager
  4. Schneider: PowerPacT Circuit Breaker
  5. Schneider: “FlexSeT” Low-Voltage Switchboard
  6. Klein: Cooling Fan for Hard Hat
  7. DeWALT: 20V Max PowerStack Battery for Battery-Powered Tools
  8. Ferret Tools: FerretPro Multipurpose Wireless Inspection Camera
  9. Hilti: EXO-O1 Overhead Exoskeleton

From hand tools to inventory management technology: gear that will take this year’s projects to the next level.

Efficiency, sustainability and safety are top priorities for the electrical tools industry, and the latest innovations have quite a lot to show for it. With everything from hard hat fans to modular switchboards making their way into the market, it can be hard to know which gadgets are worth the investment.

That’s why we’ve done the research to discover this year’s most useful, time-saving, and just plain cool new top tools for electricians. Work confidently with the gear you need to meet future challenges head-on.

Greenlee: Gator Insulated Battery-Powered Hydraulic Tools


Greenlee Insulated Batter Tool

Electricians, by the nature of their work, are exposed to risky situations on a regular basis. The more layers of protection, the better. Greenlee’s new insulated battery-powered hydraulic crimping and cutting tools offer up to 1,000V of protection for operators, thanks to a “Tri-Insulation Barrier” which includes PA6 insulation as a housing material, 12.5mm of creepage distance, and dielectric hydraulic oil.

According to Greenlee’s website, “Every tool is dielectrically tested for conformance to a 1000V insulation rating with a 10X testing criteria in our production process,” so with proper inspection and testing, you can be certain that that protection is working.

Dave says:

Its compact design and safety characteristics make this an ideal tool when working in tight spaces – for example, tying into an MCC.


Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

DeWALT: 20V MAX XR Wire Mesh Cable Tray Cutter


DeWALT Wire Mesh Cutter

Have you ever been frustrated by an encounter with a wire mesh cable tray? DeWALT’s new brushless, cordless wire mesh cable tray cutter promises to eliminate that particular headache.

This non-hydraulic, made-in-the-USA tool all but guarantees clean cuts with no burrs.

Features include:

  • A rotating head to work different angles
  • A paddle trigger
  • An easy change head with a cutter that stays sharp for up to 10,000 cuts
Scott says:

This product would greatly cut down on tray install times, while also providing the safety benefit of not having to use a grinder. Very Cool!


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

DeWALT: Tool Connect Site Manager


DeWALT Tool Connect

Are you tired of having to track down or replace missing tools?

Tool Connect leverages Bluetooth technology to keep track of the tools your crew is using on-site. DeWALT Tool Connect tools are pre-built with Bluetooth sensor, but you can also apply a sensor tag to the tools that are already in your inventory.

The Tool Connect app allows you to locate connected tools across sites, assign tools to different crew members and/or different jobs, and scan as often as hourly for connected tools within a 150-foot radius.

The app even produces automated reports designed to help you gain insight into your tool inventory, enhance crew accountability and maximize efficiency on your projects.

Greg says:

This product is a major step forward in job site asset management, productivity and security. Having the option to disable the tool when out of range is a must-have for large construction sites to keep your tools safe. I especially like the battery connector that can be added to DeWALT’s existing lineup and Bluetooth tags that can be attached to anything you wish.


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals


Schneider: PowerPacT Circuit Breaker


Schneider Molded Case Circuit Breakers 

These molded case circuit breakers won a 2021 NECA Showstopper Award at last year’s convention and with good reason. Features include semi-transparent breakers to simplify the retrofitting process and an easy-to-read front cover showing all the connectivity features. But the real showstopper is something Schneider is calling a “Visi-Trip” LED breaker locator, which lights up when a breaker needs to be inspected, making troubleshooting when a circuit trips much quicker and more efficient.

Other features that we think Electricians will really love include:

  • A wide range of common, field-installable accessories across the PowerPacT range, which allow for late specification changes and streamlined, flexible inventory
  • A snap-in terminal design that makes converting between busbar and lug options easy
  • A wide variety of easy-to-install terminal options that include mechanical lugs, crimp lugs, power distribution lugs, and lug shields
Dave says:

The Visi-Trip is a huge advantage when you’re left in the dark and need to locate a tripped breaker.


Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager – Trinity Power Rentals


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Schneider: “FlexSeT” Low-Voltage Switchboard

Schneider FlexSet

FlexSeT is a pre-manufactured switchboard designed to “dramatically accelerate time to market” by making customization lightning fast.

Part of the efficiency is due to its UL listing as a modular system and the ease of interchangeability of the parts. Some other time-saving features are the “captive screws” used throughout the covers to ensure no screws are lost, a hook and fix pre-assembly kit and a field installable bus bridge for quick splicing.

Probably the most unique feature of the FlexSeT is the app, which enables a number of the switchboard’s more advanced features, including a digital torque wrench. The app programs the digital torque wrench to know when the correct torque has been reached on any given bolt. Combined with “Visi-Tite” bolts that show when the correct torque has been reached, this ensures nothing is under or over-torqued.

All of these features combine to dramatically increase the speed at which the switchboard can be assembled and readied for use.

Other cool features include:

  • QR codes on all nameplates that connect to useful documentation, including drawings, test reports and installation manuals
  • A swing-out main provides easy access to all terminal points
  • Easy installation of plug’n’play metering and monitoring accessories thanks to a simplified wiring harness
  • Completely enclosed busing and fully stacked phases
Jordan says:

A pre-manufactured customizable switchboard designed to accelerate time to market? With current supply chain shortages, this product couldn’t come soon enough!


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

Klein: Cooling Fan for Hard Hat


Klein Cooling Fan

It’s winter now, but if last summer’s heat waves are any indication, it won’t be long before we’re out working in the heat again.

Whether you’re in a poorly ventilated room or outside in the full heat of the sun, Klein’s new safety helmet cooling fan will seriously increase your quality of life on the job.

The fan is designed to be easy to mount on most safety helmets and features a “powerful, dual-fan design” to keep the cool air flowing to your head, neck or face. It’s lightweight and quiet, so you’re not trading one discomfort for another. And it’s rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about carrying around a replacement battery.

Zach says:

This attachment fan for your hard hat will keep work during the summer much more manageable, especially with BC summers now reaching the mid-40s! With the ability to attach to and detach from any hard hat, this fan will stay with you for much longer than any hard hat. Worth it!


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

DeWALT: 20V Max PowerStack Battery for Battery-Powered Tools



The DeWALT 20V MAX series of battery-powered tools isn’t new. What is new is the PowerStack battery, which DeWALT is calling its “lightest and most powerful” battery.

Using stacked pouch cell batteries designed for the construction industry, the PowerStack battery claims to offer 20V for the size of a 12V battery. Compared with a DCB203 2Ah battery, the PowerStack has two times the charge cycle, is 25% more compact, 15% lighter and has 50% more power.

The PowerStack features a durable rubber overmold and a fuel gauge and is compatible with DeWALT’s full line of 20V Max power tools and chargers, so you won’t have to purchase any new electrician tools to take advantage of this battery’s features.

Greg says:

The PowerStack lineup is extremely compact and lightweight. This is a must-have if you find yourself working in awkward and tight spaces. Dewalt found a way to increase the power of their batteries while making them even smaller – amazing!


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

Ferret Tools: FerretPro Multipurpose Wireless Inspection Camera


Ferret Plus

Another NECA 2021 Showstopper Award winner, this dustproof, waterproof, wireless and rechargeable camera allows you to peer into walls and to locate and pull cable without cutting a large hole.

This tool connects with an app that enables HD live streaming and digital zoom. Other useful features include:

  • Adjustable bright white LED lights
  • Right angle adapter
  • Variable focus lens, controlled by the app
  • Fast charge, from flat to fully charged in under one hour
  • Comes with a rod and gooseneck, as well as hook, magnet and thread adapters
Scott says:

I have been in countless situations where this camera would have come in handy. With the small size, variety of attachments and fast recharging time, this is definitely something I would want in my tool bag. What a cool and innovative product.


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

Hilti: EXO-O1 Overhead Exoskeleton


EXO-O1 Overhead Exoskeleton

Some time ago, we reviewed Hilti’s EXO-O1 Exoskeleton. It was a futuristic piece of equipment then, and it still is now.

The passive exoskeleton fits around the back and arms to lessen the strain on your arms and shoulders when performing overhead work such as installing overhead air ducts and ventilation equipment or fastening overhead cables and conduits.

Because the EXO-O1 is passive, it doesn’t use batteries and requires no power source or charging. It is designed to be worn comfortably all day (it weighs under 2kg) and to allow a full range of movement.

Zach says:

It’s uncumbersome, lightweight and makes tedious overhead tasks effortless, all without using any power source; how can you not love this? The future is now and it’s cool!


Project Manager – Trinity Power Rentals

We all know that nothing beats knowledge and experience when it comes to doing a good job. That said, having the right equipment certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Last modified 06/21/2024

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