Power That Doesn’t Pollute

At Trinity Power Rentals, we are dedicated to minimizing our footprint while providing the power solutions our clients need. We strive to provide the cleanest power solutions, and whenever possible, we utilize clean hydroelectric power. Our mission is to power our clients’ projects without creating additional pollution, reducing the eco-impact of our work and yours.

Clean up your project

With Trinity’s utility-powered substations, customers avoid burning diesel fuel. This reduces the production of greenhouse gases and related air quality problems, eliminates fuel spill contamination, and conserves a non-renewable resource. Our substations, used in oil & gas, mining, and major industrial projects, are designed to draw power from the utility system and transform it locally onsite.

In situations where it is not possible or practical to use Trinity’s utility-powered substations, we offer well-maintained diesel and natural gas generator rental solutions. Our broker model allows us to procure the right generator for your load requirements, which reduces waste in terms of energy, fuel and minimizes carbon emissions as much as is possible.

We Value Sustainability

We include sustainability training, education and awareness programs to inspire and develop sustainability initiatives throughout our company. We believe that, cumulatively, the small efforts of many can slow the damage to our environment, which is why we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our generated waste in all aspects of our business.

We believe that this type of environmental responsibility matches the corporate values of many of our clients. When doing business with Trinity Power, our clients can feel comfortable that their values are upheld. We want our clients to be confident that their power use won’t be harming our environment, which is why we strive to provide clean solutions.


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